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DESIGNDesigner & Studio
  • Xie Ke

    Interior Design

    As the founder of Signyan Design, Xie Ke graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, engaging in space design for over two decades. By adhering to plain and natural styles, he is good at enabling the “narrativity” of spaces by using simple materials. He fully respects localization and seeks the combination of traditional technology with contemporary aesthetics to develop oriental cultural aesthetic spaces around the world.


    Cleansing and care kit

    KAIPUU BELFRY – Zayton Santal

    KAIPUU ON THE REEF – Reef Rose

    DOCUMENTS promises to use rare natural spices, cooperate with leading fragrance companies in the industry and the world’s front-line perfumers, together to create an unprecedented brand aromatic aesthetic.


    Flower and tea utensils series

    The studio's philosophy is to develop unique design languages from the perspective of the relationship between fundamental industrial production and craftsmanship.

  • KAIPUU X place (in) place

    Home furnishings series

    place (in) place is a lifestyle brand founded in 2020. The founder graduated from the University of the Arts London. The brand focuses on finding the connection between placement and space. By creating placed objects, they become a medium that connects people and daily spaces, presenting warmth and aesthetics. Based on resin, the brand further explores the physical effects produced by the overlapping and interweaving of light and color. It uses a unique way to understand the visual effects of light and also makes the equipment produce a sense of transparency, like the mechanism of oil painting.

    The selected home furnishings series includes: vases, toothbrush boxes, sugar boxes, tea boxes, trash cans, tissue boxes, face towel boxes, towel trays, kettle trays, soap dishes, mouthwash cups


    Uniform Design

    RUOHAN is a Chinese everyday luxury womenswear brand established in 2021. "ENRICH LIFE WITH EFFORTLESS SPIRT" is not just a tagline for RUOHAN but a guiding philosophy that permeates every stitch and detail of their fashion approaches.  

    Inspired by travel, art, literature, and all forms of aesthetic structures, the brand embodies the style of modern minimalism and is usually centered around a neutral color palette. Abstract design language poetically portrays a sophisticated and versatile profile, simultaneously delivering a timeless wardrobe with subtle attitudes.


    STUDIO DPi is a visual design practice based in Shanghai. DPi, which stands for "Design for Per issue", provides effective and flexible design solutions for each issue. They work on art directions, visual identities, and packaging with our clients from diverse fields, and also engage in ongoing collaboration with artists, curators, architects, editors, and institutions, practicing printed matters, web design, and exhibitions.


    Eric Lau

    A well-known music producer, mixing engineer, DJ, and educator, he grew up in the United Kingdom. Now he has returned to China to take root in Xiamen and is committed to the growth and development of the domestic music scene. 

    Huanlu carefully designed and selected four sets of playlists based on the geographical location and design style of the two hotels. Each set of playlists lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes, corresponding to day and night, respectively, so that guests visiting the hotel can fully experience the Kaipuu.


    Inspired by edible plants, planned and designed by Xu Zitai

    *Selected plants in Kaipuu on the reef Room include: rosemary, mint, basil, lemongrass, thyme, lemon, and bergamot. All plants have a soothing fragrance, repel insects, and are edible.

  • Vintage furniture and emerging designer furniture

    The selected brands include PURE from Romania, Nomad from the United States, Jess and Bed and Philosophy from the Netherlands, JACO from India, FREZOLI from the Netherlands, WDSTCK from Belgium, Ni Zhiqi, Till Leeser, Renzi Real, and Chen Xingyu. Second-hand furniture from Ebenisterie Seltz, YNGVE EKSTRoM, Uno & Osten Kristiansson.

  • [Artisan craft device]

    paper lantern

    Quanzhou's intangible heritage handicraft paper lanterns integrate modern visual aesthetic methods, giving new vitality to architecture and decoration. 

    * Located on 1F of KAIPUU BELFRY

  • [Artisan craft device]

    paper weaving painting

    paper weaving painting

    The design is inspired by the traditional daily clothing worn by women in Changpu, and is created using paper weaving techniques inherited from Quanzhou Yongchun. 

    * Located on 2F/3F/5F of KAIPUU BELFRY

  • [Artisan craft device]

    ceramic mirror

    The bowl body is made of Dehua white porcelain, combined with the carrier of gypsum texture. The combination of rough surface and beautiful connotation changes, implying the tenacity born towards the sea.

    * Located at KAIPUU ON THE REEF – GET HOLIDAY Restaurant